What sizes will I get on my purchase?

You will find this printable wall art in every possible size. Here’s the sizes, you’ll find, when this wall decor is in your computer folder:

  • 2 Ratio 3 file for printing: 24x36 in, 20x30 in, 16x24 in, 12x18 in, 10x15 in, 8x12 in, 6x9 in, 4x6 in.

  • 3 ratio 4 file for printing: 24x32 in, 18x24 in, 15x20 in, 12x16 in, 9x12 in, 6x8 in.

  • 4 ratio 5 file for printing: 16x20 in, 8x10 in, 4x5 in.

  • 11x14 file for printing: 11x14 in.


How will I get my art prints?

After the purchase you will get a link through which you can download your art prints. Further, you will also be emailed with a downloadable link from where you can download your digital art.


What formats are the art prints?

You will get a link to a zip file which you can unzip using free tools online (e.g winzip). Then you will find a 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) high quality PDF and a PNG file for each of the ratios mentioned above.


Where from can I get the art prints framed?

You can get your wall art printed and framed through online print on demand services like Printful etc. Printful is our go to place when it comes to get wall art printed. They use up to date technology to print the art. You simply need to go to their website (i.e. printful.com), upload your art, select your desired size, make payment. That's it. Look how simple it is to get art nowadays. 

Further, there are also several other print on demand service providers online where you can get your art printed, framed and delivered to you while you sit on your couch. Just search “Wall art print on demand service providers” on Google.

Why am I not getting a JPG file?

PNG file is far much superior than JPG file. However, if you want a JPG file you can easily convert your PNG file to JPG by using free online tools. Just type "PNG to JPG Free Converter" on Google and get it converted.


Can I resell the digital file?

No, the digital art prints are the property of Wartprint Limited, you cannot use these art prints for any commercial purposes. However, you are good to use the files for your purpose or to get it framed and gift to someone.


Why is your price high? After all, it's just a digital file!

Are you opposed to decorating your home with high quality things? No!


Cool because all of our digital paintings are made by expert graphic designers having decades of combined experience in the field. We make sure that you get the finest of the digital art available in the market. Hope it clarifies.

How to get a refund?

Please contact us at support@wartprint.com or simply drop us a DM on Instagram with your purchase details.